SIX TABLEAUX is a series of marble tables designed by BINOCLE.

Each table top has an irregular and unique shape obtained by retracing a detail or a portion of a work of a contemporary artist.

By doing so each table becomes the homage to the artist whose drawing has been sampled and it is - in many ways - a non designed table. There are almost no details, only one material is used, the shape is neither square nor round. Above all, each table is the impudent rip-off of a drawings made by someone else.

Retracing details or portions of artworks is the trick to resist ‘designing’ an either too conventional or too pretentious piece. At the same time the complete freedom made possible by this decision gives rise to objects that celebrate the properties of the material and invite users to a more tactile contact with their formless edges.

The Six Tableaux collection was presented for the first time during the Milan Design Week 2019 with an exhibition staged at BINOCLE's office.


BINOCLE is the office led by Italian architect Lorenzo Bini since 2011.

Born in 1971, educated in Milano and Oslo, Lorenzo graduated from Politecnico di Milano and worked in Milano and Rotterdam.

BINOCLE works on the transformation of existing spaces, from temporary structures to permanent buildings and gardens and avails itself of the collaboration of Giulio Giori, Anna Pierotello and Marina Tangari.

Beside his professional activity, Lorenzo Bini is currently teaching at Politecnico di Milano and NABA. In the past he was a visiting professor at the Design Academy Eindhoven.